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Smoke Alarms For The Home

Smoke alarms are a legal requirement, and it is absolutely..

Smoke detector with smoke

Smoke alarms are a legal requirement, and it is absolutely essential that they are fitted in your home. According to the Fire and Rescue Service, you are twice as likely to die in a house fire that has no smoke alarm, compared to a house that does. Smoke alarms will detect excess heat and smoke, and give a warning alarm.

This is designed to alert you and your family members to the early stages of a fire, giving you enough time to leave your house safely. At Securitec Ltd., we offer a range of smoke alarms that could potentially save lives, as long as they are properly fitted and maintained.



We offer a range of smoke alarms for the home:

  • Ionisation alarms which are sensitive to small particles of smoke that will be produced by fast flaming fires. They will alert you of this before the smoke gets too thick, giving you time to evacuate.
  • Optical alarms are very effective at detecting larger particles of smoke; for example, from burning upholstery.
  • Heat alarms are best installed in the kitchen as they are designed to detect the rise in temperature from a fire, but are completely insensitive to smoke, so will not go off should you overcook your food.
  • Combined smoke alarms are the combination of both optical and ionisation alarms. They are very effective at detecting both slow burning and flaming fires, which are the most common within homes.
  • Multi-Sensor alarms will eliminate any false alarms as they combine both optical and heat alarms.

Finally, our Combined smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms will detect both smoke and carbon monoxide.

All of our alarms are incredibly effective if they are properly looked after and maintained, and we will offer you advice on how you should be doing this when we install your home smoke alarms.

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