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Access Control For The Home

There are times where you might want to limit access..

There are times where you might want to limit access to certain areas of your home, or even limit the access to your home at all. There are many systems that we can offer at Securitec Ltd which will protect your home from authorised visitors.

One of the most common access controls that we see in homes is an electronic gated system that requires you to enter a code in order for you to reach your home.

FMK_Polished ChromeThis means that anyone without the code cannot enter the gates, and, as a result, your home. This is normally linked up to an intercom system, so, should visitors arrive at your home, you can monitor who it is, and speak to the person before letting them in.

It doesn’t stop there though. We offer many solutions that will control the access you have in your home. Individual doors, such as your front and back door, along with certain rooms that you may wish to be out of bounds to certain members of your household, or areas that you would like to be restricted; can be fitted with taylor-made solutions, such as a reader that can be installed to the outside of doors.

This can be in the form of a keypad, swipe card, finger print reader, or even face recognition. Only when the reader technology grants entry can the electromechanical lock be unlocked.

We understand the need for people to monitor the access to their home, which is why we only supply the most reliable systems, that will offer full security and peace of mind.

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