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Home Intruder Alarms

Home intruder alarms can be a very effective deterrent to..

home_3Home intruder alarms can be a very effective deterrent to making your home a victim of burglary. In fact, studies have shown this to to be true. At Securitec Systems, we understand and appreciate the importance of this, which is why we supply our customers with the highest quality and most reliable intruder alarms to ensure that they remain protected at all times. We will ensure that your intruder alarm is fitted correctly, and well maintained so that you can have years and years of security.


The intruder alarms that we supply to our customers can broadly be broken up into two categories:
Audible Only Alarms – which, when triggered will sound a loud bell or siren. This is there to alert neighbours or passers by to the disturbance in your home, as well as motivating the intruder the leave the premises; often before they have a chance to do any damage.

Monitored Alarms – these alarms differ in as much as when the alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to a 24hr receiving centre, which will automatically alert the police of the disturbance. Many audible only alarm activations are not reported to the police, and most police will not respond to a ringing bell unless there is evidence of an unauthorised entry.

With the monitored alarm, the police will automatically respond to your alarm, as long as the system qualifies for this.


At Securitec Ltd, we have a huge range of monitored home intruder alarms, and can provide you with Police presence in accordance with the current ACPO policy and ABI guidelines. Our systems will be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre, vis BT Redcare Network, which will enable a secure signalling path for the alarm activations.

This is the case even if the communication line becomes attacked. We also offer a Keyholder response system, where neighbours, friends or a third party monitoring service can be called to check on your property and to determine the cause of the activation.

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