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Fire & Emergency Lighting

Fire and emergency lighting is essential in all businesses. It..

em1Fire and emergency lighting is essential in all businesses. It will guarantee that the exit is highlighted in an emergency situation should the main power supply be cut off. Should you find yourself in an emergency situation with no power, the sudden darkness could cause the occupants to panic, causing more danger to themselves and others. With our fire and emergency lighting, this will not happen.

All of our emergency lighting complies in accordance to any current Building Regulations, and will operate automatically in the event of an emergency; giving a sufficient level of light to enable the occupants to evacuate the building safely.

Like we previously said, fire and emergency lighting is a legal requirement, and forms part of the safe provision of a building. Our emergency escape lighting will highlight the escape route for anyone that is in a certain part of the building, so they clearly know the way to get themselves to safety. When you are suddenly plunged into darkness, this can lead to people feeling very disorientated, so this is a clear and safe way of showing them which way they need to go.

Although different premises will require different levels of fire and emergency lighting, we will ensure that you are fitted with the highest quality lighting. If you work in a business where evacuation is not likely to be immediate, for example, if you have areas of sleeping accommodation, it is suggested that the minimum duration of fire and emergency lighting is three hours. We will ensure that this is taken into consideration, and that you have the best and appropriate fire and emergency lighting for your business.

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