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At Securitec Ltd, we offer our customers fully secure automatic..

gate1At Securitec Ltd, we offer our customers fully secure automatic gates, which allow you to keep track of who is entering and leaving the building.

It also means that you can monitor whoever is trying to enter, which will keep security at a high level.

Electronic gates are not only effective at keeping vehicles out, but also protection, giving you all round security.

This is brilliant for businesses that require a high level of security. We offer our customers a range of different options of gates so they can get one that is best suited to them and their businesses.



Our Cantilever Sliding Gates, are perhaps the most popular solution. This is great for locations where the ground might not be even, but somewhere that still needs to maintain secure. All of our cantilever gates are fitted with the most up to date, and reliable access system, that is completely bespoke to you, ensuring that it has everything you require.


Our Automatic Tracked Sliding Gates offer just the same security as our other gates; however, they are better suited to locations with a very level ground, in order for the tracking system to work efficiently and correctly.

Just like our other gates, we will fit the best and most secure access system, so you can keep track of who is entering the premises.

Finally, our Automatic Swing Gates are among the neatest looking once fitted, which is why they are so popular with domestic properties.

All of our swing gates comply with the current legislation, and again, are fitted with a custom made access system that is right for you.

Our electronic gates offer that extra peace of mind, and security to businesses and homes.

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