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Intruder Alarms

Protecting your home or business from intruders can easily be..

FMK_Polished ChromeProtecting your home or business from intruders can easily be achieved by installating an effective intruder alarm system.

Whilst a break-in at your home or business can cause financial loss, the emotional impact and disruption which follows can also be devastating. Most of us do not consider the full implications of a break-in until it is too late.

We specialise in installing Intruder Alarm systems in Morecambe, Lancaster, Blackpool, Preston, Kendal and the South Lakes. Securitec covers all sizes of property from small dwellings and flats up to large factories and warehouses. We use products of the highest quality which give reliable service and keep unwanted alarm activations to a minimum.


Intruder alarms can be broadly categorised into 2 groups:


When the alarm is triggered an outside bell or siren sounds. This will often motivate the intruder to leave the premises and alert neighbours to the disturbance.


Fewer than 1 in 10 activations made by the audible-only system are reported to the police, and under the new police force policy, most forces will not respond to a sounding alarm unless there is evidence of unauthorised entry.

The solution to this is the monitored alarm system, whereby the alarm receiving centre will alert the police. The police will respond to the activation at your address provided the alarm sysetm is registered for police response. We offer a range of monitored alarm services for your additional peace of mind.


We can provide you with Police response in accordance with the current ACPO policy & ABI guidelines.

Our intruder alarms can be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) via the renowned BT Redcare network which ensures a secure signalling path for the alarm activations, even if the communications line is attacked or develops a fault an alarm will be generated at the ARC to let you know of an alarm or communications line failure.

Systems can range from Police signalling and confirmation technologies to a basic keyholder only notification system.

If you choose a Police signalling system it will be installed to the latest standards ( PD6662:2010 BS8243:2010 ) and incorporate the latest detection technologies.

Keyholder response systems can call out neighbours, friends or a third party monitoring service to check on your property and the cause of the activation.


Securitec’s Head Office is based in Morecambe and we install and maintain alarm systems in Morecambe, Lancaster, Blackpool, Preston, Kendal, South Lakes.

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