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Security Monitoring

Monitored security systems provide complete protection for your home and..

Monitored security systems provide complete protection for your home and business, with 24hr monitoring by skilled operators in our Alarm Receiving Centre.
Traditional audible-only alarms offer little protection outside business hours – Police forces will not respond to a ringing bell unless there is evidence of an offence in progress.
Consequently insurers insist on monitored intruder alarms. Our systems employ sequential confirmation to minimise false alarms and avoid the risk of losing police response.
Weekends, holidays, in the middle of the night… your monitored alarm system keeps close watch over you home and business around the clock.

Digital Communicator Monitoring

This is a cost effective method of monitoring which sends the alarm signal down the telephone line to the aim ARC. This technology enables the alarm panel to automatically dial the aim ARC and transmit a signal revealing the status of the panel.

At Securitec, we employ digital communicator monitoring technology of the highest standard from Redcare…


Continuous monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

By continuously monitoring the telephone line integrity, BT redcare detects line cuts and faults within seconds. It therefore represents a major security enhancement, which is fully endorsed by leading UK insurers. BT redcare also reduces your signalling costs because it does not generate call charges, nor does it require a dedicated telephone line.

BT redcare uses non-dialling technology, which is not interrupted by normal telephone usage, nor is it dependent on the line number, and hence it is completely unaffected by any future telephone code changes.


You’re never unknowingly cut off with redcare

Some burglars, vandals or arsonists first cut your telephone lines to prevent your intruder or fire alarm signal reaching the aim  ARC.  redcare is a monitored alarm service, connected to an existing BT phone line, which signals an alarm upon activation or when the line has been cut. It has a wide range of applications including commercial, industrial, government and residential. Incorporating analogue, digital and radio mediums, redcare provides maximum protection against intruders, fire and monitoring of critical plant and machinery systems.


How redcare works to protect your property

The redcare network is continuously in contact with the protected premises to ensure telephone line integrity is maintained. redcare equipment, located in the BT exchange, immediately detects any loss of signal. If there is a line fault or the line is cut, redcare checks to confirm that communication has genuinely failed, thereby reducing the risk of false alarms. If a response is not received, then aim’s ARC is immediately alerted.

In the event of a genuine alarm signal, redcare identifies which alarm signal is affected (Intruder, Fire, Plant etc). The alarm signals are then transmitted to aim’s ARC where trained operators follow agreed action plans by contacting the relevant emergency services and the specified keyholders.



DualCom is suitable for the majority of premises in the UK. A major advantage of DualCom is its ability to operate over any telephone network. This means your customers do not have to install a dedicated telephone line for alarm signalling. If sharing the telephone line, three-way calling should be enabled which ensures that DualCom signals take priority over any calls, faxes, modems etc. should an alarm need to be transmitted.


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